How much does paying off a collection agency improve your credit score?

I had 5 credit cards go into collections, I have paid off all 5 and wonder how many points that will increase my credit score.

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Thu, Apr 16, 2009

Improve Credit Score

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5 Responses to “How much does paying off a collection agency improve your credit score?”

  1. fukinluckyfuker Says:

    Paying them off won't have an immediate bump in your scores, in fact they could actually dip a little, since you've made the "date of last activity" more recent.

    What you need to do now is dispute all the collections, and try to get them deleted or removed. There is bound to be some inaccuracy you can argue about, or just say it's not yours. If the collection is paid, most collectors won't bother responding to the dispute. And it goes away.

  2. House Mouse Says:

    Since it went to collections first before you paid them, probably nothing.

  3. Lisa P Says:

    It won't change, it still says you went delinquent. You should have had them change that as part of the deal before you paid. But it's too late now.

  4. '67 Shelby GT Says:

    It won't increase your score. The only things that do are 1) paying your bills on time and 2) reducing your overall debt.
    Once accounts go into collections, the damage is done and paying those off will not raise your score. Sorry.

  5. milomax Says:

    I have to disagree with those who say it won't raise your score. It might not raise it fast, but…

    I have made my way out of debt and had to pay some collection agencies. In one three-month period, my score (through equifax) jumped up 30 points. All that I had done recently was make timely payments to one agency and pay off another.

    Over the period of a year, it increased about 60 points, with me making regular, timely payments.

    That's just my experience.

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